Seven activists released in DRC

Seven members of the Congolese standing citizen movement were released in Kinshasa after nearly four months of incommunicado detention by civilian intelligence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Our seven comrades arrested on September 11 and held incommunicado without a visit to the National Intelligence Agency were released Friday night,” spokesman Hervé Diakiese told Agence France-Presse.

“Our comrades were arrested while sensitizing the population against the use of the voting machine,” he added. These electronic machines will be used for the first time in the DRC in the general elections of December 23, including the presidential election, which must designate the successor of Joseph Kabila.

They are at the heart of a controversy, with some of the opposition saying they favour electoral fraud. “We are continuing the fight for alternation peacefully and we will not accept a mockery of elections in the DRC,” said Diakiese.

The election campaign started on November 23rd.

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