Ship with 100 crew members capsized on Lake Victoria [Photos]

At least 29 dead and dozens missing

At least twenty-nine people were killed and dozens more were missing after last night an overloaded boat with about 100 passengers capsized on Lake Victoria. That reports the Ugandan police.

So far, 29 bodies have been recovered after the accident at Mutima Beach, about 20 kilometres south of Kampala. Another 26 people have been saved.

“We recovered 13 bodies yesterday and today 16”, policeman Zula Gannyana told German news agency DPA. A lot of people were on board the boat, possibly even more than a hundred. Boat accidents

are common on the countless lakes in Uganda due to overload, bad weather and old ships.

This accident would also be due to overload and bad weather. On the lake it was stormy at the time of the accident.

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