Six fashion mistakes 90% of tall girls make

Finding your style while being tall is not tricky. It is enough to adhere to a couple of fashionable rules and does not forget about them when choosing the next outfit.

Girls with tall stature are fortunate. A graceful silhouette, long legs, graceful wrists – you are slim and attractive, and designer outfits in most cases look perfect on you. One slip, however, and the flawless look ruined. What clothes should not be worn by high fashionistas, we tell in the material.

1. Bottom Length: no extremes

Six fashion mistakes 90% of tall girls make

I want to show beautiful long legs to everyone; however, on girls whose height is more than 180 centimeters, too short dresses look a little ridiculous and even indecent. Better to choose a length of one or two palms above the knee. Maxi is also an extreme with which to be careful. The elegant midi length will well emphasize the figure’s dignity, especially if the thing is not monochromatic.

2. Flirting with prints

Six fashion mistakes 90% of tall girls make
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Beaded flowers and tiny polka dots “get lost” on a tall girl. A large drawing demonstrates figure flaws and extra pounds. The exception is loose shirts and blouses with voluminous appliqués. Let there be more contrasts in the image: horizontal elements will make the silhouette more compact, visually reducing the height by a couple of centimeters. Do not forget about the blurred outlines that emphasize your merits.

3. Crop Tops

Six fashion mistakes 90% of tall girls make

It is easy to make an error in looks with an open belly: such micromodels on young ladies over 170 centimeters will likely look like things from a little sister’s wardrobe. If you want to expose a part of your body, you need to act deliberately. A cropped tank top and a high-waisted bottom are a great combination to reduce the open line that reveals spicy skin. If this option seems uncomfortable, rely on long tops with buttons or zippers, and you will get all the benefits of a crop top without showing the belly.

4. Total oversize

Six fashion mistakes 90% of tall girls make

Comfortable but baggy things will look touching on petite, fragile girls. But too voluminous clothes will turn a tall young lady into a real giantess. Moderate oversize can still help you build an intelligent combination of a loose fit model (T-shirt or sweatshirt) and a more tight wardrobe item (for example, joggers).

5. Three-quarter sleeve

Six fashion mistakes 90% of tall girls make
©LL Bean

A 3/4 length on a tall girl looks like she’s wearing an oversized tunic or shirt. For a feminine and proportional look, choose a harmonious outfit with long sleeves up to the wrist. Don’t experiment with rolling – you don’t need to. Opt for loose cuffs or tight ones – they will look imposing on slender arms.

6. Long trousers

Six fashion mistakes 90% of tall girls make

Pants always go with tall girls and emphasize their long slender legs. However, flares or palazzo dragging along the ground will not decorate you. The editors of note that cropped trousers or 7/8 length will look much more attractive, making the figure more balanced. A straight model that is not narrowed or flared will take a worthy place in the wardrobe. Capri pants and culottes also practically conceal the growth. It is better to lower the waistline on jeans to the hips to balance the silhouette.

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