Skrillex has to pay a gigantic amount of dollars to a fan

The American DJ and producer Skrillex (30) has to pay a gigantic amount of compensation to a fan. Jennifer Fraissl filed a complaint against the DJ because she jumped into the audience during a show and ended up on her head.

The woman coped with serious medical complaints and even suffered a stroke during the incident. She therefore demanded compensation for the loss of income, the coverage of the medical costs. And as a compensation for the psychological damage she suffered.

TMZ reports that the jury has won her and awarded her $ 4,525,402. Skrillex was ordered to pay 35 percent of this amount, about 1.6 million dollars. The rest of the amount must be paid by the tour management of the DJ and the concert hall where the accident occurred. They are held responsible for 40 percent and 10 percent respectively. The remaining 15 per cent does not have to be paid to Faissel. Because the jury thinks that she herself is guilty of the accident for this part.

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