South Africa: Homeless couple marries after 30-year relationship (photos)

Two homeless people recently made their wedding vows under a highway bridge after 30 years of relationship through contributions of the generosity of strangers.

The friendly union between Llewellyn Jeneker and Cecilia Absolom took place in Cape Town, a port city on the southwestern coast of South Africa.

The couple was joined by Pastor Manuel Benans in the presence of more than 100 guests, including other homeless people from the city of Culemborg Safe Space.

Their 12-year-old son Dylan is also present. He attended the first dance of his parents.

This marriage took place through the support of the city council and a woman named Jill Jeftha. The latter offered a wedding dress to Cecilia.

“I have been touched and I am very happy for them. They deserve to be beaming,” said Jefta quoted by mirror.

Since June, Llewellyn and Cecilia live at Safe Space, a new initiative of the city council to provide beds for 230 people.

Cecilia had spent much of her life in the streets of Cape Town, where she had been raised by her late mother.

Safe Space’s director, Wilfred Fredericks, said the couple now wants to live with their family and have their own home.


Source: News24

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