South Africa: still untraceable as court seeks Gupta brothers

The South African authorities have initiated a procedure to withdraw its permanent resident status in Ajay Gupta, targeted by an arrest warrant.

He is nevertheless not the only one of the sulphurous business family to be actively sought out by the courts. The three Indian brothers are believed to have bribed former president Jacob Zuma and several members of his government.

Yet they are still not found. The three Gupta brothers still escape South African justice. Atul Gupta is in Dubai. As for his two brothers, they could be on the run in South Africa, unless they also managed to rally the Emirates.

To track them down, the authorities tried to locate their private jet.

The former can not be found but has been seen in recent months in Russian airports and in Dubai.

Last week, Canada even asked to ground the aircraft because the Gupta did not repay their loan to the Canadian authorities.

Rebound last Tuesday in Johannesburg: the Minister of the Interior declares that the siblings of businessmen do not have South African citizenship. Which immediately contradicted by the electoral commission.

Ajay Gupta is in fact well on the lists to vote in South Africa. The authorities, therefore, wish to deprive him of his nationality. This will also deprive Ajay Gupta’s access to his bank accounts in the country.

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