South Africa: Tobacco bill in public consultation

In South Africa, the government goes on a crusade against smokers. A law will be debated and voted in Parliament in August to reduce the number of smokers.

Among the proposals, there is the ban on smoking in public places, the rise in the price of tobacco or even a neutral package. The law is open to public debate by August.

Meeting with smokers who will be affected by the change in legislation.

In front of the supermarket where she has just bought two packages, Tebogo lights his cigarette, worried about the probable new restrictions imposed by the government. “I do not think it’s going to change the amount of tobacco I’m smoking, it’s just going to frustrate me because I can not smoke where I want and when I want.”

If the law is passed, she will no longer be able to smoke in this supermarket car park, for example. But before the vote, the bill is open to public debate.

“I will participate in the debate and say that it is anything. Because the priority of the Ministry of Health must be the state of its hospitals and public services rather than smokers.”

Jordan has been smoking for 25 years, this law will make him fear the eyes of others. “If the law passes, people around you will become suspicious. And in this atmosphere, we will smoke less.”

Another aspect: cigarette packets will become neutral. This will be of no consequence to Modi, an independent merchant. “I do not think that will change anything. Only the display will change. But people already know what they want, so no matter what the showcase is.”

Relatively few South Africans will be penalized, only 15% of them are active smokers.

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