South Africa: what becomes of Jacob Zuma?

In South Africa, where Cyril Ramaphosa came to power on February 15, the political landscape is being recomposed. Jacob Zuma remains totally invisible since his resignation.

The outgoing president has disappeared from the radar since the evening of February 14th. Many questions still hang over his future, including judicial.

Presidential immunity does not exist in South Africa. Jacob Zuma is likely to face justice soon. The former president may have to answer for his involvement in the “Arms Deal”, the arms contract signed in 1999 between South Africa and several companies, including the French Thales.

In total, 783 charges of corruption, fraud and racketeering weigh against Jacob Zuma. The public prosecutor’s office is soon to say whether prosecution should be brought against him. The Attorney General, Shaun Abrahams, is expected to rule by the end of the month.

However, he is considered close to Jacob Zuma who named him. The opposition therefore asks Cyril Ramaphosa to appoint a new attorney general who would not hesitate to prosecute the former head of state in other cases.

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