Spain now also has more corona deaths than China

After Italy, Spain now also has officially more deaths from the coronavirus than China, where the virus outbreak began. In the past 24 hours, 738 people died as a result of the coronavirus, the biggest increase to date, the Ministry of Health announced today.

The total death toll is now at 3,434 deaths. The total number of infections in Spain has increased to 47,610. The region around Madrid has been particularly struck. Only Italy has had more coronavirus deaths to date, more than 6,800. There have been 3,281 fatalities in China so far. More than 5,300 Spanish patients have been declared cured.

However, health authorities are also noticing a sharp increase in the number of cures. More than 5,300 patients are ultimately better again.

The government expects the peak of the coronavirus to approach. A number of restrictions could be abandoned in April. Spaniards have barely been able to leave their home since 14 March. The Spanish parliament will vote on Wednesday to extend the state of emergency to 11 April. Most MPs vote from their homes.

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