Spectacular views of moon and Earth: first space hotel will open in 2027

A trip to space is no longer a distant music piece. Voyager Station space hotel should open its doors in 2027. It looks like a futuristic wheel to which 24 modules are attached. This is what hotel guests may expect.

In 2019, the California company the Gateway Foundation published plans for a cruise ship-style hotel that could one day float high above Earth. Then it was still called the Von Braun Station.

Fast forward a few years, and the hotel has a new name and builder. The Orbital Assembly Corporation, a new construction company, run by former pilot John Blincow, also heads the Gateway Foundation and will build the Voyager Station.

New Age

In a recent interview with CNN, Blincow explained that there were some Covid-related delays but that staying in space could be a reality by 2027. “We’re trying to make the public realize that this golden age of space travel is upon us. It’s coming. And it will come soon,” said Blincow.

A bar in the space hotel
©Orbital Assembly Corporation – A bar in the space hotel

Representations of what the hotel – which orbits the Earth – will look like, suggest an interior that is not very different from a luxury hotel on Earth. Only this accommodation can offer special, heavenly views.

According to architect Tim Alatorre, the intention is to bring a piece of Earth to space through cosy suites, chic bars, restaurants, gyms and a cinema.

A fitness room

The fact that the hotel is located in space is, of course, also fully exploited. There are plans to serve traditional ‘space food’, for example. In addition, recreational activities will be offered that “emphasize the fact that you can do things that you cannot do on Earth,” said Alatorre.

A Gym
©Orbital Assembly Corporation – A Gym

“Because of the weightlessness and reduced gravity, you will be able to jump higher, lift things, run in ways you cannot on Earth.”

Artificial gravity

The rotating wheel with 24 modules or pods would also create artificial gravity, which makes life in space a lot more pleasant. The more guests move to the outside of the hotel, the more gravity will increase.

Some pods will be sold to NASA and ESA for space research. Training for future astronauts and scientific research can also take place.

Price tag

For the time being, the price for an overnight stay is still a well-kept secret, but it is expected that there is a pretty hefty price tag attached to it.

However, the team behind Voyager Station have said they hope a stay at the hotel will ultimately equate to “a trip on a cruise ship or a trip to Disneyland.”

Spectacular views of moon and Earth: first space hotel will open in 2027
©Orbital Assembly Corporation – Voyager Station

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