How strange disappearances are linked to the pyramids beneath Alaska

The Alaskan Triangle keeps modern science luminaries busy. The number of disappearances exceeds 16,000 people, not including machinery. The area…

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The city which has only one building, how its residents live?

Where is the city, which has only one building, and how did the inhabitants live? That is Whittier in Alaska.…

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Most unique natural phenomena in the world

Natural phenomena include tidal flow, weather, etc., but unique natural phenomena like the solar pillars, red rainbow, etc., are pretty…

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5 famous explorers who disappeared without a trace

Famous explorers and adventurers often set out on dangerous journeys. Such expeditions have always been carefully thought out and prepared.

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Road collapsed after a powerful earthquake in Alaska [Video]

The south of Alaska is startled by a powerful earthquake with a magnitude between 6.7 and 7. The authorities announced…

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