How strange disappearances are linked to the pyramids beneath Alaska

The Alaskan Triangle keeps modern science luminaries busy. The number of disappearances exceeds 16,000 people, not including machinery.

The area of the mysterious place extends for tens of thousands of kilometers, covering U.S. cities: Anchorage, Juneau, and Barrow.

Massive statistics on disappearances

1950 – Dispatchers lost contact with an Alaska-Texas flight, the plane disappeared from view around the famous triangle. The airline and relatives of 44 passengers contributed to the search effort. The version of the airliner crash was not confirmed, no wreckage or bodies were found.
1953 – the disappearance of 3 private planes on research and tourist missions.

In 1972, the disappearance of the American plane with the political leaders on board became world-famous.

Pyramids beneath Alaska
Pyramids beneath Alaska

Mystery of the 21st century

The U.S. government was wary of the search by the Russian military and geologists, organizing their own services to search. Thirty-nine days of careful searching in the Alaska Triangle proved inconclusive.

A physical pattern or the terrain of another civilization?

Most scientists adhere to the version of powerful electromagnetic radiation. Machinery breaks down, people and planes disappear in the area of radiation zones. It is explained by the strong influence of magnetic waves on the moving physical bodies and the heat coming from them.

Local Indians’ versions of science

Scientists are working on the theory of the Dark Pyramid, discovered by geologists in 1992. The origin of the ancient structure is unknown, the facts of its location are classified and controlled by the Pentagon. Surveys of areas of Alaska have proved the presence of a number of other underground pyramids. Assumptions on the existence of other space civilizations are supposed.

The local tribe of Tlingit Indians firmly believes in a humanoid creature who lives in the lake and takes away all those who disturb his peace. Some imagine him with an otter’s head, while others claim that his appearance resembles that of a beast. His roar and cries are said to be heard all the time.

pyramids beneath Alaska
Pyramids beneath Alaska

Artifacts of the underground pyramids

Archaeologists and biologists are currently excavating and researching the ancient pyramids, but the mystery remains. In summer, the outlines of the pyramids become clearer, while in winter, they disappear from view. The reason may be difficult weather conditions or strong radiations.

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