Cold war


Steel “Mephistopheles” A7V: only surviving German tank in the First World War

The Museum of Queensland (Australia) exhibits a unique exhibit - the last surviving German tank A7V Sturmpanzerwagen from the First…

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The passionate story of a soldier who saved a wounded enemy

There is a strange monument in the south of Turkey. The sculptural composition, dedicated to the events of the First…

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The bloodiest wars in history recounted by the National Interest

The two world wars represent the most significant number of deaths in the history of humanity. However, other conflicts are…

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24 villages were wiped out during the Great War but never rebuilt

In France, a hundred years after the end of the First World War, there are dozens of haunted villages. All…

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In Africa, Sergei Lavrov and Rex Tillerson “avoid each other”

Along with Rex Tillerson’s visit to Africa, the Russian foreign minister is also on the continent. Sergei Lavrov began a…

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