This will pass through the earth on 25th December 2020

According to NASA’s Center for the Study of Near Earth Objects, three asteroids classified as “potentially dangerous” will pass our…

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Star 100 times the size of the Sun discovered by astronomers

Scientists have just discovered a blinking star that is 100 times the size of our Sun and is located 25,000…

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Chinese probe, Tianwen-1, sends the first image of Mars

Chinese Mars Explorer Tianwen-1 sent its first photo of the Red Planet on Friday. The probe should arrive at Mars…

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The planet that was discovered and disappeared

It has been more than a decade since the Hubble Space Telescope discovered a planet so large as Jupiter in…

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Exoplanet resembling the Earth: the same size and temperature

A group of scientists outside our solar system has found a planet – exoplanet – within the viable zone of…

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