14 foods to help reduce inflammation

Few people take seriously all the negative impacts that harmful products have. One of the main problems is that junk…

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Sheepshead facts: fish with human teeth

Sheepsheads are small marine fish with solid dorsal spines and slender bodies. Archosargus probatocephalus is a fish that typically grows…

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2-tons weight: an “exceptional” catch off the Moroccan coast

A two-ton gigantic sunfish was found off the Moroccan coast near Ceuta. Before being released into the water, it was…

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Swallowed fishbone and stuck in your throat: 3 things to do to remove it

Do you swallow fishbone and it stuck and scratched your throat? There are three things you can do to remove…

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Giant animals in the history of the earth

In different historical periods, the climate on our planet was significantly different from the current one.

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Do you hate noise? You are not alone, it also makes fish sick

A study highlighting the impact of human activity on the living world shows that fish exposed to acute noise pollution…

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Carp with ‘human face’ spotted in Chinese lake

A very special carp was spotted yesterday near the Chinese city of Kunming in southern China. The head of the…

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