History of high heels: from Persian riders to the Beatles

In the history of heels, it is customary to wear shoes with high heels for the sake of beauty, and…

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What her clothes say about her

Our outer world is reflected in our clothes, just as in our routines, activities, and hobbies.

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African women’s shoes

African women’s shoes are one method to guarantee that you are constantly at the forefront of the fashion industry’s latest…

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Personalized shoe and with a screwdriver? Nike and Swarovski join forces for a special shoe

Fans of the celebrated Air Force 1 sneakers will be delighted as this is a special edition model, and you…

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Why you should not wear shoes without socks

Loafers, moccasins, espadrilles, boat shoes, even sneakers. Many summer shoes fit a bare ankle and can potentially be worn without…

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