Tanzania: A student steals and attacks his own mother

A student in Dodoma, Tanzania, was arrested by police because he was suspected of violently stealing his mother and attacking her.

The student allegedly committed the crime with a criminal gang involved in robberies in different areas of the city of Dodoma.

Police commander in the Tanzanian capital, Gilles Muroto, said the boy was a hardened criminal and had recently raped his mother.

“The woman did not know that the thief was his son, but the young man knew that he was raping his mother,” Muroto said.

He stated that the student had recounted how he raped his mother when he was questioned by the police.

Asked by the Muroto commander in front of the reporters about why he was involved in a crime rather than studying, the boy said he was influenced by the difficult life he was living.

“I live alone with my mother, so I do not have anyone taking care of me. I do not have money for school shoes, notebooks, books, uniforms and other needs. That’s why I steal people”.

He said that his father had died some time ago.

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