Tanzania: Sack bag stick on thief’s head after stealing from an old woman [Video]

The video of a thief, which the sack bag he stole stuck on his head has caused uproar on social network.

The bag that this young man stole from an old woman “refused to get out of his head”. The unfortunate man had no choice but to surrender himself to the police.

The suspect identified as Frank Buhet allegedly stole the bag he brought home, when he reached his home, the sack bag failed to get-off from his head.

The mysterious incident occurred in Tanzania. The culprit said he started walking from one road to another but the bag was still stuck to his head.

According to reports, he even tried to lie on the floor but the luggage was still impossible to remove.

After spending a lot of time in vain, he decided to go to the police so that he would not be killed by angry people when they finally noticed that he had stolen the bag.

Even at the police station, the stolen luggage was still on his head because he hoped that the police would help him find the old woman.

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