Taxes imposed by the US: The frontal attack of the Chinese ambassador to Senegal

Last March, US President Donald Trump imposed tariffs, including taxes on the import of aluminum and steel.

However, China did not go unanswered and defended itself by announcing taxes on 128 US products. In a press conference this morning to discuss the Chinese president’s visit to Senegal, Xi Jinping, on July 21 and 22, Chinese Ambassador to Dakar, Zhang Xun, did not fail to scratch the policy of Donald Trump.

Speaking of globalization and the efforts to be made by everyone to manage the differences that may arise between different countries, Mr. Xun finds the attitude of the United States as a violation of the world trade


“The different parties must work in the same direction (in globalization, Ed). But, the erroneous and unilateralist actions of the American side have unscrupulously violated the rules of the World Trade Organization, undermining the global trade order, causing turbulence on the international market,” he said.

Beyond the reaction of China, which has also responded by imposing taxes on certain US products, the diplomat welcomes the countermeasures made by other countries.

“These recent unilateral and protectionist measures by the US government have raised serious concerns and condemnations around the world. Some countries have even already taken countermeasures or retaliatory measures,” Zhang Xun concludes.

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