Teacher suspended for ‘segregation’ of black pupils in South African school

He intended to divide pupils on the basis of who understood Afrikaans and English. A teacher in the South African province of Gauteng set apart four black children. The photo of it went viral on social media, the teacher was suspended.

According to Sello Lehari, a member of the organizing school council, the suspension must allow the investigation of the incident. “We do not accept the teacher’s statement,” he explains.

In the meantime, a number of white parents have taken their children off the school, which according to the education council, it illustrates racism at the school

. The parents also feared the safety of their children, as protests took place at the school gate.

Teacher suspended for 'segregation' of black pupils in South African school

Lehari was shocked and disappointed, pointing to the South African constitution that prohibits racial discrimination.

The African National Congress, the nationalist party that propagates a non-racial society, announced that it cannot tolerate racism in the province.

Local party leader Keneetswe Mosenogi calls on the provincial government to investigate the incident and to take firm measures against offenders.

Apartheid was the official system of racial segregation that strictly separated South African society from 1948 to 1990.

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  1. It goes both ways.

    “The African National Congress, the nationalist party that propagates a non-racial society” implemented BEE a “racially selective programme” that gives “black (African, Coloureds, Indians and Chinese) South African citizens economic privileges that are not available to White South Africans”.

    Doesn’t get any more racist than that.

    1. Stfu! After how minorities are treating in this country…WE DESERVE MORE THAN THAT! A-HOLE!

    2. That’s because the whites already have the financial privileges as a result of Mandela’s National Reconciliation policy which left things as they were economically, in the hands of the whites. So be grateful.

    3. and the reason being is that for much to long WHITE PRIVILEDGE has left these groups far behind and this is how racist societies play catch up to lessen the gap of immense disparity and white people like you get your drawers in a bunch and cry and whine foul. You are a part of the problem!

  2. It is wrong. Teachers are meant to impact this student positively. By doing such it affects the kid’s in a way that they later feel. Some colors are better than some….

  3. I don’t think there is wrong in separating two different colors. After all day and night doesn’t stay together

    1. Day and night aren’t human beings who will eventually have to socialize with one another you dumbass. Such a stupid example to use. Go back under a rock or something…so dumb

    2. Maybe when your doing your washing you eejit. That is such a harmful thing that “teacher” done planting seeds in such young vulnerable minds, manipulating their future choices by demonstrating ludicrous behaviour. Wake up

  4. You should check all the Basis Schools that are highly ranked in Arizona, USA. There you have it reversed. One small table of a few white children, surrounded by Indian Asians, or Asians. It’s unbelievable that it is happening in the USA as well. Segregation and racial favoritism without any transparency.

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