‘Team Adebayor’ shows off huge collection of luxury cars from striker

Not very diplomatic. While Emmanuel Adebayor (36) recently indicated that he did not want to donate a cent to his homeland Togo in the fight against corona, an Instagram page linked to the striker is showing off with his impressive collection of luxury cars. It sounds like to motivate others.

Adebayor expressed himself firmly in a Facebook Live about a week and a half ago. “To the people who wonder why I donate nothing, it is very simple: I donate nothing. It is as simple as that. I do what I want,” said ex-goal getter from Arsenal and others.

Today, Emmanuel Adebayor is on the payroll of Olimpia, a top club in Paraguay. But before the lockdown, he returned – via France and Benin – to his home country to spend his quarantine there. “Some people think I brought the virus into Lomé (the capital of Togo, ed.), But that’s the way it is in our country. It is simply unfortunate.”

Other great African footballers such as Didier Drogba and Samuel Eto’o have already financially supported their homeland in the fight against corona. Still, Togolese health care should not expect help from Adebayor in its fight against the deadly Covid-19 virus.

In Togo, nine people have currently died of the corona, a total of 124 people have tested positive in the West African country.

His statements have already received considerable criticism from Adebayor, and it will probably not ebb when his compatriots see the most recent video of ‘Team Adebayor’.

The Instagram page, linked to the attacker, shows off the collection of expensive cars that the Togolese own. In the video, eight luxury cars are reviewed: a personalized Rolls Royce, four Mercedes Benz cars, two Porches, a BMW and a Range Rover.

The images are meant for motivation, it sounds, and not to put people’s eyes out. “This video is not a message to tell you, SEA (Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor, e.d.) has made it,” the caption says.

The idea is instead to show people that they should be able to do it too. All you have to do is keep believing in yourself and working hard every day even when no one is watching. “But rather to say, You can do it too !. All you need to do is believing in yourself and keep working even when no one is watching.”

‘Team Adebayor’ shows off huge collection of luxury cars from striker
©Instagram/Team_Adebayor – Emmanuel Adebayor

Adebayor, as a footballer, can present quite a few nobility letters. For example, he played 315 games in the Premier League for Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester City, and Crystal Palace, and with those four teams, he scored a total of 124 goals.

In between, he also made a transfer to Real Madrid, where he scored eight times in 22 games. Money is, therefore, not a problem at all, as a look at his personal Instagram page shows where the Togolese more than once show their luxury cars, villas, or other expensive gadgets.

In his peak period at City, he would have earned around £175,000 a week (nearly $ 200,000). So Emmanuel Adebayor does not seem to be short on cash.

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