Adebayor ‘mesmerizes’ Nigerians after speaking Yoruba language

Togolese football legend Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor has ‘mesmerized’ Nigerians on social media after speaking in a clear Yoruba language. The 37-year-old, born to Nigerian parents in Lome, has spent most of his life in Togo, apart from the little time he has spent abroad due to his professional football career.

It is an open secret that former Togo Hawks star Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor has Nigerian origins, notably his father, Shadrack Adebayor Adeyi, who died in 2005. The player, who has spent most of his life in Togo, surprised his world on social networks, speaking in a very clear Yoruba language, “hypnotizing” even Nigerians. This means that Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor does not forget his origins.

Because he spends little or no time in his home country (Nigeria), no one would have imagined that the Togolese striker could speak Yoruba fluently, to the point of being able to express himself in parables. In the caption to the video posted on social media, the former Gunners player wrote: “Seyi Emmanuel Adebayor salutes all my Nigerian brothers and sisters. Only love.”

“I love this guy just fascinating… He stays in his zone and doesn’t bother anyone,” wrote Bayo Shola. A Nigerian is always Nigerian no matter where you are,” thought Kevin Steve.

“Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor is a Nigerian, it is just that corruption in our football has prevented him from playing for the Super Eagles. He was asked for money when he wanted to play for Nigeria’s U17s and he then turned to his country of birth for good. Otherwise, the Yoruba blood runs in his veins,” reveals Nedum Stann.

The 37-year-old Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor, who gave Togo his first and only qualification for the World Cup finals in 2006 in Germany, is a former player of the national team. The player has been without a club since 2020 after parting ways with Paraguayan club Olimpia following the Covid-19 outbreak last year.

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