Teenage pregnancies skyrocketed after school closed in Kenya

Kenyan officials have disclosed that there has been a significant increase in teenage pregnancies, especially since the restrictions on Covid-19 began in March.

Data published by the Ministry of Health show that in a single county, about 4,000 adolescent girls have become pregnant since the beginning of the year.

Schools were closed across the country in mid-March as part of security measures announced by the government.

The authorities are concerned that, in many cases, it is the parents of these minor girls who are involved.

The health agencies involved are also concerned that the actual figures will be much higher, as teenage pregnancies are often under-reported.

Political leaders in several of Kenya’s 47 counties have asked the government to investigate the increase in numbers.

Kenya has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in the world, with 82 births out of 1,000.

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