Tension rises between Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian federation

The complicated relationship between Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian Football Federation continues.

Ramy Abbas Issa, lawyer and agent of the player, announced on Twitter have asked for guarantees from the federation concerning “the well-being of the player with the selection” and “the assurance that the violations of the right to the image would not arrive anymore”.

Indeed, the Liverpool striker has posted on social networks a message attacking the inertia of the body, deaf to his repeated requests and those of his agent, Ramy Abbas, concerning his image rights.

“Do you not really have time to answer us?” Wrote the man who was named best Premier League player last season.

Two troublesome things

A reference to two events: first, the use of the image of Mohamed Salah on the aircraft of the selection, sponsored by WE. A rival telecommunications company of Vodafone, Salah’s personal sponsor.

He had won his case last April, according to the website Almustaqbal, a clause of the contract between Salah and Vodafone would provide in such a case the payment of a fine of 100 million Egyptian pounds (4.6 million euros) by the Federation. An amount that they still refuse to pay.

Then, during the World Cup, the Liverpool player did not appreciate the meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov. The Chechen leader had visited Egyptian players in their base camp in Grozny and handed Salah the honorary title of Chechen citizen. The player thought he was caught off guard and refuses to see his image used for political purposes.

The Egyptian federation reacts to Mo Salah’s accusations

“It is unheard of for an agent to demand the resignation of Federation officials in the event that his requests are not met, and what is, in this case, is non-negotiable,” the EFA replied.

“After receiving his letter, the Federation informed him that the management was going to organize a meeting after the holidays of Eid and this meeting is scheduled for Monday. This is where we will discuss these requests and deliver our response.”

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