Tesla Cybertruck now also has its own garage: Cybunker

The Tesla Cybertruck cannot be ignored by international attention. After reports surfaced that the new electric pick-up would be too large to park in a standard garage, a company came up with a brilliant solution: the Cybunker.

It was Tesla superfan and Youtuber ‘Tesla Raj’ who raised the garage problem of the much-discussed Cybertruck about ten days ago. Using an augmented reality app, he demonstrated in a video that the heady pickup doesn’t fit into a standard American garage – with dimensions of 5.9 by 5.9 meters. The Tesla Cybertruck, however, measures around 6 meters and is therefore just a bit too large.

Steel structure

A company from New York picked up those messages and immediately came up with a solution. The ‘Cybunker’ from design agency Lars Büro also has an “indestructible” steel structure and an aerodynamic shape that matches the contours of the pick-up. Moreover, you can put more in it than just your Tesla.

Tesla Cybertruck now also has its own garage: Cybunker
©Lars Büro

The modular architecture can also serve as a hi-tech depot, to store solar energy, or as an extra for off-grid or self-sufficient homes, reports design agency Lars Büro. The space of 600 square meters can also be expanded with a module of 1,800 square meters that you can use as a home or commercial space.

Tesla Cybertruck now also has its own garage: Cybunker
©Lars Büro

“Whether it is at the most remote location or as a ‘man cave’ in a suburb, the Cybunker guarantees a versatile and future-proof system that can be used to withstand the most stringent requirements,” it still sounds.

Teslarati, Motor1, CNET
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