Thai prisoner escapes by luring guard in cell with strong story

In Thailand, a detainee was able to escape from his cell by telling a strong story to the policeman who had to guard him. The twenties continued to insist that there was a gigantic snake in his cell. And succeeded in luring and locking up the agent in his cell. He himself fled. The police could pick him up again a few hours later.

The 23-year-old Anan was detained in a police station in the historic city of Ayutthaya pending his trial for possession of methamphetamine. He shouted for four times, allegedly because he had seen a serpent in his cell. When the policeman holding the watch came for the fourth time to check if something was wrong. Anan managed to lock the agent in the cell and to go on the run himself. For a long time, his regained freedom did not last. Because the police were able to catch up with him five hours after his escape in the nearby jungle.

“Did not really believe him”

A colleague of the unfortunate policeman said afterwards that the agent only went into the cell to keep the detainee crying and causing unrest. Calm down and not really being kicked into the lie. “But we have to be more careful next time. It was an error of judgment,” he said.

Snakes, and especially pythons, are not rarer in Thailand. So the story of the trapped twenties was not that incredible either.

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