The granary of Ksar-Ouled-Soltane

The granary of Ksar-Ouled-Soltane is situated in southern Tunisia, around 20 kilometers south of the city of Tatavina. It is a beautiful and well-preserved Berber walled granary from the 15th century.

There are two courtyards in the complex, each encircled by multi-story vaulted granaries. Granaries were often fortified throughout the Middle Ages to repel attacks and prevent grain stealing. Ksar-Ouled-Soltane, like other granaries built by North African Berber people, is built on a hilltop.

The granary of Ksar-Ouled-Soltane
The granary of Ksar-Ouled-Soltane

Ksar-Ouled-Soltane was erected in the 15th century and had hundreds of grain storage tanks. Ksar was enlarged with a second courtyard later in the nineteenth century, bringing the total number of granaries to over 400.

A palm wood tunnel connects the two inner courtyards. The granaries are up to four storeys tall, with each floor connected by a steep outdoor stairway. A single family-owned and utilized each granary.

Nomadic tribes have utilized the Ksar-Ouled-Soltane to store grain and olives for over five centuries. The courtyard served as a meeting area for the community, which was mostly made up of shepherds and their goats, sheep, and camels on Fridays.


In Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the Ksar-Ouled-Soltane granary served as the slave section where Anakin and his mother resided. In 1997, Ksar was repaired and rebuilt to its previous condition, albeit this time using cement rather than the traditional materials of mud and brick. In Tunisia, it is currently a renowned tourist site.

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