Top 10 tourists and best cities in Tunisia

Tunisia is one of the most visited countries in North Africa. Indeed, tourists adore it not only for its fine sandy beaches but also for its endless dunes. There are some charming and best cities in Tunisia.

However, between the magnificent oases and the seaside resorts, visitors are spoiled in this Maghreb region. If you have decided to visit Tunisia and are still hesitating about which best cities you will choose, you can find below a small recap of Tunisia’s ten tourists and best cities.

Top 10 tourist and best cities in Tunisia

1. Tunis

Tunis – ©Ziedkammoun/Pixabay

It is the capital of Tunisia. You will surely love to stroll in the souks that offer many artisanal products to finish at the citadel of the kasbah built in the past to protect the city from invaders. In the Medina of Tunis, you can also visit the great Ezzeitouna mosque, built on an area of 5,000 meters square, to admire its architectural peculiarity. Bourguiba Avenue is a very well-known avenue in the capital. It became even more so when the people gathered there to demand the departure of its president during the Arab Spring.

2. Kelibia

Kelibia – ©Ben hamida Mohamed/Youtube

Kelibia beach has been ranked 7th best beach globally by the American magazine “Daily News Dig” and has been characterized as one “of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the Mediterranean”. Since this class, Kelibia has become a very frequented city, tourists curious to discover this beach and who do not hesitate to return there to enjoy the sun and the golden beach. From a distance, you can see the fort of Kelibia, a very imposing citadel that dominates the Mediterranean. A wall reinforced by square towers surrounds this fort. It is the largest Muslim fortress still preserved in Tunisia.

3. Hammamet

Hammamet – ©LuidmilaKot/Pixabay

Hammamet is an ideal city for revelers. Lots of nightclubs and side restaurants are located there. It is the favorite seaside resort of many politicians and movie stars. Indeed, thanks to its luxury hotels, this city attracts tourists who want to rest comfortably between swimming pools and luxury hammams. If you want to give yourself an adrenaline rush, the “Carthage Land” amusement park offers you a lot of attractions that guarantee thrills and a lot of relaxation. Do not hesitate to go there with your family. There are as many attractions for adults as for children.

4. Nabeul

Nabeul – ©

Many tourists visit Nabeul to discover its artisans. Between the pottery and the weaving workshops, many people are in awe of the unique pieces produced before their eyes and which they can subsequently acquire. Nabeul is also known for the orange blossom. In this city, you can almost find a sour orange in every house. This is a flagship plant of the region. In the spring, people pick the flowers to make a distillation that they keep throughout the year. Either add it to their dishes, drink it, or even perfume it.

5. Sousse


Whether you are a person who loves lounging by the beach or enjoying good food, you will find what you are looking for in this one of the tourists and best cities in Tunisia. Named “the pearl of the Sahel,” Sousse is both modern and rich in history. You can visit the Medina and the marina, Port El Kantaoui, which is a must-see. In the evening, as in the afternoon, it is a very lively place where you can admire the sumptuous yachts of people worldwide and enjoy the good local cuisine.

6. Monastir


The city of Monastir is very rich in historical monuments. In the past, it was occupied by the Phoenicians and then the Romans. In the Medina of Monastir, there is a large citadel Ribat that was built to protect it from invasions. It is also the hometown of the former president and founder of modern Tunisia. The Bourguiba mosque was therefore constructed there. This large mosque, decorated with 86 pink marble columns, attracts around 100,000 tourists each year who come to discover Islamic arts in the nearby museum.

7. Bizerte

Bizerte – ©Middle East Monitor

Located in the northern part of the country, Bizerte is one of Tunisia’s oldest and best cities. You can guess this quickly by visiting its ancient ports, which were essential for the Phoenician traders and Romans. Nowadays, fishermen’s boats are added to the decor to give even more charm to its ports. A little further on is the Ichkeul Natural Park. If you are a fan of rare species of birds, you will love to take a tour to observe protected species of migratory birds as this site is a World Heritage Site and is protected by UNESCO.

8. Tabarka

Tabarka – ©Orsio/Pixabay

Tabarka is located about ten kilometers from the Algerian borders, between sea and mountains, the landscape is quite unique. You would see this, especially when visiting the Needles of Tabarka. Extravagant shapes have been sculpted by the erosion caused by seawater and rain. Jazz singers from all over the world come to animate the evenings of the Tabarka Jazz festival under the slogan of “do not sunbathe idiot”. A very large number of tourists shift their stays to coincide with this festival in summer.

9. Tozeur


Located in the south of Tunisia, most of the landscapes in Tozeur are desert. A 4X4 excursion will be handy for you to visit Le Chott el Djérid, a salt lake surrounded by an oasis of 500,000 palm and date trees. To discover representations of the most famous tales of the East such as “The Thousand and One Nights”, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”, or even “Aladdin”. A visit to the Dar Cheraït museum is a must. It is a museum which was built in 1990 to make traditional open costumes and reconstruct scenes from the daily life of the inhabitants of the region.

10. Kebili

Yadis Oasis in Kebili
Yadis Oasis in Kebili

If you love to sleep under the stars, the Ain Essebat Camp located in the Kebili desert will make you happy. Built-in Ksar Ghilane, this place attracts many tourists who come from all over the world to discover the Berber way of life. How they protect themselves from reptiles, what they feed on, and how they protect themselves from the hellish heat of summer. However, you should consult a guide to avoiding getting lost in the middle of the desert.

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