The most bizarre traffic fines in the world

From the ban on driving with bare-chested up to wearing flip-flops and tearing through a puddle to splash pedestrians: these are the most bizarre traffic fines in the world.

Those who wet pedestrians or cyclists in Britain by driving a puddle as motorists risk a fine of 100 to 5,000 pounds, plus three penalty points on the driving license. It is also forbidden in England to drive a pet on your lap.

Great urgency? Those who have to pee on the road in Great Britain may only do so against the right rear wheel. Urinating in a different location than this rear tire is considered a criminal offense and can result in a fine of £80.

In Thailand it is strictly forbidden to ride with bare torso, as in Spain. This is strictly forbidden on bicycle or tuk-tuk, however hot it is.

In Spain you can also be fined for driving with flip-flops, for putting an arm or other part of the body out of the window and for washing your car on public roads. But the strangest rule is the prohibition to wear something that covers your ears, whether it’s a hat or headphones.

In France, until recently, everyone had to have an alcohol tester in the car. In the meantime, that is only recommended. Still required: a fluorescent vest, a warning triangle, replacement lamps for the headlight and a first-aid kit.

The Moscow police can issue fines to a motorist when a car is considered ‘too dirty’. It is completely up to the duty agent to determine exactly what that means. Also, in the Netherlands and Great Britain you can get a fine if your license plate is unreadable due to the dirt.

In South Africa they are economical on animals. When you are not delayed or stopped for crossing animals, you are likely to get a ticket in the country.

In Germany you can drive as fast as you like in many places, but when you are stranded along the highway without fuel, you are faced with a high-speed ticket and sometimes even a driving ban.

In Switzerland it is forbidden to wash your car on a Sunday morning. According to a Swiss law, that makes too much noise.

In the United States it is forbidden to swear in the car in the state of Maryland. In Kansas you get a fine of $500 when you get caught driving with squeaky tires. In Arkansas you may not be honoured again in places where soft drinks and sandwiches are sold in the evening after 21.00. And in Oklahoma there is a law that forbids ‘Making love’ … within your car.

In Australia you get a fine of 476 Australian dollars for forgetting to close your car while you want to pay for fuel at a gas station. It is also forbidden to blink with your lights to warn oncoming traffic for a speed camera or police vehicle.

In Denmark drivers have to check the underside of their car before they start driving ‘to see if there are no children sleeping underneath’.

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