The mysterious dark waters in the world

Some sources of water simply terrify tourists and residents of the surrounding area. What is so terrible about the dark waters?

On the planet, there are several unusual lakes. There are several enigmatic lakes about which folklore relates horrific tales of strange occurrences. Dead Lake, Devil’s Lake, or even the Dark waters are all titles given to such lakes.

Today, we’re talking about lakes that worried our forefathers because of their qualities, and people avoided them.

Some mysterious dark waters

1. Manchac swamp, Louisiana, USA

Manchac swamp, Louisiana, USA
Manchac Swamp, Louisiana, USA

According to mythology, there is reportedly Rougarou, a werewolf-like monster that roams between Acadiana and New Orleans. The Rougarou, on the other hand, does not completely change into a werewolf, instead of turning inside out to become a combination of a human and a wolf. Rougarou may be found in large numbers in Louisiana, particularly in the Manchac Swamp. These aren’t, however, the most terrifying animals in the area.

Julia Brown, the local voodoo priestess’s spirit, will easily give him odds. Julia was not the friendliest neighbor even during her lifetime, according to legend: her favorite activity was predicting all kinds of disasters for adjacent communities. Many people regarded her as an oracle since her prophecies were always correct.

The most heinous of them had to do with the moment she died. Julia started to sing just as she was about to give up her spirit. “One day I will die and take you all with me,” she sang again and over. And that turned out to be correct. A devastating cyclone struck the area shortly after Julia died and was buried, sweeping three towns off the face of the Earth. Hundreds of individuals have been killed. Bodies of the deceased have been discovered in marsh water in certain areas to this day.

Julia is reported to frequent the Manchac marsh, and women’s singing may sometimes be heard over the wetlands. Julia’s ghost sings her terrifying song again and over.

2. Lake Gardner, Connecticut, USA

Lake Gardner, Connecticut, USA
Lake Gardner, Connecticut, USA

The lake, which lies between three cities (Salem, Montville, and Beauzra), conceals a number of mysteries… and an entire mansion. Although the lake and the surrounding region were formerly held by one of the families, the primary tale revolves around a shopkeeper called Thomas LeConte.

He acquired this home and became enthralled by the prospect of relocating it from one side of the lake to the other. When LeConte considered the quickest method to do this, he opted to freeze the lake’s water and then transfer the house on the ice.

LeConte began construction in the winter of 1895. He relocated the home 91 meters by putting it on the skids with the aid of the employees. The ice shattered, and the home, together with the furnishings, tumbled into the lake. It was impossible to get it out: the fisherman claimed to have heard the sounds of a piano coming from under the sea, as if someone was playing beautiful music on it. This is a haunting narrative sans the ghosts.

3. Labynkyr, Russia

Labynkyr, Russia
Labynkyr, Russia. ©

Russia’s Labynkyr is a lake in eastern Yakutia’s Oymyakonsky ulus. The “Labynkyr devil,” a gigantic black beast with a huge jaw, is said to live in the lake, according to locals. The distance between the devil’s eyes is reported to be the breadth of a raft of 10 logs. The fact that the creature seems to be able to walk on land is particularly terrifying.

V.I., a geologist, was the first to write about the creature. In 1953, Tverdokhledov said: “It was hovering nearby. It was a living creature, some kind of mammal. It went in a curved path, first along the lake, then directly at us. As it got closer, I felt a peculiar numbness that made me feel chilly on the inside. A dark gray cadaver with animal eyes towered slightly above the water, and something like a stick protruded from the body… We only saw a little portion of the animal, but a gigantic corpse was discovered under the sea…”

4. Roopkund, India

Roopkund, India
Roopkund, India. ©Pinterest

The “Skeleton Lake,” as it is sometimes called, is a small alpine lake in the Himalayas. There have been speculations that a large number of human remains have been discovered on the coast of this lake since the end of the nineteenth century.

Indeed, when scientists arrived in those difficult-to-reach locations in 1942, they were sure that the legends were true. On the beach, hundreds of human remains were discovered. An Indo-European expedition arrived at the lake in 2004. Among the bones of humans and horses, jewelry and utensils were discovered. The corpses were estimated to be 500-800 years old, and DNA research revealed that the group was divided into two groups: individuals of small height, maybe local porters, and people of average size, most likely Brahmins.

Based on bone damage, specialists from Hyderabad, Pune, and London concluded that the cause of death was… a massive hailstorm. The hailstones were up to 7 cm in diameter, and individuals in open areas had little hope of escaping. Who these folks were, though, is still a mystery.

5. Lake Cameron, Canada

Lake Cameron, Canada
Lake Cameron, Canada

The lake on Vancouver Island is regarded as one of Canada’s most haunted locations. For a long time, it has been the subject of mysterious rumors. In 1968, an aircraft carrying four persons crashed into the lake. For more than 10 years, human remains were submerged. It was only in 1983 that they were found.

Furthermore, legend has it that a massive snake resides in the lake, which sometimes emerges from the water to breathe air before plunging back into the depths.

6. Lake Shaitan, Russia

Lake Shaitan, Russia
Lake Shaitan, Russia

The lake is situated in the south of the Kirov region’s Urzhumsky district, not far from Urzhum. Drifting islands, on which shrubs and trees grow, are a distinctive feature of the lake.

The lake was given the name Shaitan, which means “devil,” because of the floating islands and water outbursts caused by karst wells. Locals used to think that an evil ghost resided in the water and sent forth water fountains. In such areas, they didn’t even catch any fish. The name of the lake has a tale attached to it.

In ancient times, two tribes, the progenitors of the modern Mari, resided in this region and were at odds with each other. The first tribe worshiped a loving, light deity, whereas the second group worshiped the ruthless Shaitan – Keremet. A crucial fight between the two tribes took place near the lake, in a woodland clearing.

They battled all night, but Satan was the devil to deceive: as daylight dawned, the people of the shining god realized that he was battling with himself – there was not a single vanquished opponent on the battlefield, and all those dead were murdered by their own tribe arrows. As a result, the wicked woodland spirit remained impenetrable. The clay bowl trodden on the battlefield was filled with a torrent of feminine tears mingled with a large pool of blood.

The earth was unable to sustain this gravity and collapsed. There is now a lake. The water in it seems black as if it has been stained with blood, yet when you hold it in your hands, it is as clear as a tear. And the evil spirit Shaitan has since hidden in this lake, and when he is angry, the water in the lake begins to boil, and when he is enraged, the water gushes out in pillars.

7. Fundudzi lake, South Africa

Fundudzi lake, South Africa
Fundudzi lake, South Africa

Lake Fundudzi is a beautiful, mysterious, and dangerous body of water in the Republic of South Africa’s northeastern area. The lake was revered by the natives, who told legends about it.

Despite Africa’s chronic dearth of fresh water, there was no habitation along the Fundudzi River, no fishing, and no replenishment of water supplies from this lake.

The water of Lake Fundudzi is considered to be cursed, and anybody who touches or even drinks it will die shortly, according to local legend. Offerings were also made to the mythical monster Fundudzi in an attempt to placate him.

Despite local reports of an evil lake with a monster hiding under its surface, experts were unable to locate anything supernatural throughout their investigations. Despite the appearance of evidence of gloomy folklore, the bizarre happenings at Lake Fundudzi have a scientific explanation. Chromium ore deposits are to blame for the anomalies.

To be honest, some of Fundudzi’s secrets remain unanswered, such as why so many crocodiles live in the lethal lake. Because there are no fish in the lake and no other animals drink from it, no one knows what these reptiles eat.

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