The six most effective “love killers” on women

In our clumsiness, we sometimes scare the other away without really realizing it. “Love killers”, by small gestures, words, or habits, and we murder this flame which was, however, beginning to give something concrete.

Most of the time, these are minor details, but sometimes they are real love killers for the couple. Maybe this article will help you save your marriage or prepare for your next romance.

Body odor

According to survey by specialists in hygiene products, many people have already ended a romantic relationship due to their partner’s negligence. Eh yes! Hygiene is important! While body odor can be sexy for some, it isn’t for everyone. And while you can’t mask your strong body odor all the time, you can still make it more pleasant with a scent.

What cannot be negotiated, however, is bad breath. It is one of the worst love killers! If you have this problem, don’t be surprised that your girlfriend is running away from you.

Dirty underwear

Always hygiene, and we repeat it; it is vital. You will agree that there is nothing sexy about a man leaving his dirty underwear lying around everywhere. It is even less hygienic to wait for the lady to force you to take it off. So gentlemen, make an effort and show your partner a little that you know how to take care of yourself.


It’s good to know how to take care of yourself, take care of your clothing, etc. But when it becomes an obsession, it’s something else. In women’s minds, a man cannot take longer than she just for a shower or to get ready. They will feel as though their femininity is pushed around. So while you like to pay attention to your appearance, at least make sure that your wife doesn’t feel like you compete. Show her more attention.

Rude gestures

You are cleaning your nose, scratching your private parts, not washing your hands after using the toilet, all unattractive gestures that can quickly turn your partner off. These are seemingly innocuous but very effective love-killing gestures in fending off your partner. Women may not all be the same, but you still won’t deny that there is nothing elegant about these gestures.

Dressing habits

The outfit says a lot about the man. It is not because you have succeeded in seducing the chosen one of your heart that you must say bye-bye to your arsenal of war. The whole is not in the conquest but the maintenance. Women like men who dress in a way that commands respect. Do not necessarily mean “suit and tie,” take care of your outfit to please your loved one a little more.

Mom’s son

A woman needs to know that her man is responsible and mature enough to run his life as he sees fit and make his own choices. Mom’s sons tend to let their mother decide everything (even the decor of the apartment). It would be fantastic if a woman could tolerate in the long term your mother interfering in your married life whenever she wants and wants to control her.

So even if you have a somewhat privileged relationship with your mother, make sure that your love nest remains a very personal space, that is to say, just between you and your sweetheart!

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