The unfaithful partner will never change, even if he asks for forgiveness with tears in his eyes

Infidelity is an experience that many people have gone through in their lives, and the emotional and psychological weight that this discovery brings is never easy to overcome.

But after overcoming this unpleasant experience, you must be ready to accept that – at least most of the time – the unfaithful partner does not change his way of thinking and behaving, even if he kneels and asks for forgiveness.

There are many who, while forgiving infidelity, warn others to be careful and wonder if they are entirely sure that their partner will not do the same thing again.

Because unfortunately, as long as the other person feels free to believe knowing that he can go home and hug his partner because he feels emotionally safe with him, the situation will never change.

In this case, you need to be more realistic and keep in mind that even if he apologizes with tears in his eyes and swears that he will never make the same mistake again, this usually does not happen, and the story repeats itself.

A lesson to remember: an unfaithful person will never change. And this is as certain as the fact that the betrayer has no responsibility for what happened, even though he tends to blame himself in most cases.

So to be free and happy again, you need to get away from those who have hurt and betrayed you.

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