You may be cheating on your partner without knowing it

When we say a deceiver, one mostly thinks of a case of treason when in reality, there are several other ways of not respecting one’s vow of fidelity. This is a guide on what to avoid to make your relationship viable and long-lasting.

For some people, unfaithfulness is broad enough to include obvious issues like having other affairs and going crazy watching adult movies. Still, there are different, less obvious ways to be unfaithful. Here are ways you can cheat on your partner

You can cheat on your spouse with yourself

It is possible to cheat on the other with yourself. By choosing your satisfaction instead of a common and shared pleasure, you are unfaithful.

If you deliberately choose to spend too much time alone rather than with your partner, you are depriving them of time and companionship; two things that are just as important to growing a relationship: loyalty and faithfulness.

Hiding money

You may be cheating on your partner without knowing it

Once you live together, hiding expenses, debts, or savings becomes unfair to a partner who has promised transparency. Your spouse should be aware of your finances, as this affects them in their life as well. Imagine a couple where one partner is hiding things from the other, and tell yourself now that it is from you that we are hiding something. You feel betrayed, don’t you?

Unveiling the secrets of your relationship

You may be cheating on your partner without knowing it

Talking to your best friend or even those close to you about your relationship’s difficulties is acceptable as long as it is for advice. But it’s unfair and shows disrespect to your partner if the first thing you do is chat with friends when something wrong (or good) is happening in your relationship. What happens in the bedroom doesn’t even have to occur in the living room.

Emotional dishonesty

It’s not just about lying about big things, but also small things like faking happiness when you are genuinely unhappy. When your partner is constantly trying to figure out how you feel, don’t say you’re okay when you’re not. That would be to deny him the opportunity to help you and take some of the burdens off you. It is emotional deception not to involve your other half in these situations.

Dress for someone else

You may be cheating on your partner without knowing it

If you find yourself dressing with someone else in mind, you are already starting to cross that infidelity line. The same goes for both men and women: if you wear that shirt or dress more often for a colleague in the office who loves so much, deception sets in. You are aware that if your spouse knew, he would not like it. You would not have appreciated either if you were in his shoes.

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