The world’s largest electric vehicle “generates more energy than it uses”

His name and appearance may suggest otherwise, but this monster truck, made in Switzerland, would generate more energy than it consumes. Moreover, the Komatsu Elektro Dumper is the world’s largest electric vehicle.

The Komatsu Elektro Dumper from the Swiss construction machine manufacturer Kuhn Schweiz can call itself the largest electric vehicle in the world. The colossus is no less than 45 tons heavy, 10 meters long, and more than 4 meters wide and high. The truck could transport up to 65 tons of rubble.

The impressive vehicle has been specifically designed for mining and is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the sop heads that are typically used to transport rock rubble.

Surplus of green electricity

The green truck powered by a lithium-ion battery pack with a weight of no less than 5 tons and a storage capacity of almost 600 kWh: the equivalent of seven (model S) Teslas. The truck recovers energy by braking: the more it transports, the more braking power, the better. Because it can carry 65 tons, the ‘green monster truck’ could save 130 tons of CO2 emissions and over 50,000 to even 100,000 liters of diesel in a year.

Even more, after a working day, the truck could deliver about 100 to even 200 kWh of green electricity to the grid.

The world’s largest electric vehicle “generates more energy than it uses”
komatsu elektro dumper

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