The worst mistake you can face with a girl

Do you know the biggest female attraction killer? Look needy! Therefore look domineering after all information about your salary, popularity, or performance in bed is not marked on your forehead!

If a woman picks up even a small sign of needing approval or an asking attitude from you, she will erect her defenses, and your chances of seducing her will drop sharply. Why? Because these behaviors immediately suggest to a woman that you are a “beta male” (a low-value guy).

The worst mistake you can face with a girl

And what could be more regular after all, an alpha male would never fight for a girl’s attention. He wouldn’t try to impress her at any cost or seek her validation. So when you send this kind of signal, the girl’s brain goes on alert: “Hmmm… This guy can’t be very cool and handsome if he goes to so much trouble, if he looks so stressed and if he’s already so interested…”

The worst mistake you can face with a girl

But I have some advice for you. Since most guys make this mistake and have needy behaviors around women, you just need to stop looking, asking, and automatically stand out in the eyes of a girl. It is a formidable approach to seduction and work like “the Magnet Technique”.

Do you see how the metal sticks to the magnet? Well, in the same way, girls are magnetically attracted to men whom they “perceive” to be of greater worth than theirs. I insist on the word “perceive”. Because a girl has no way of knowing your real status. The only thing she can rely on is your behavior towards her.

A woman must therefore look for clues to get an idea of you and like I said earlier. The best clue available to her to know your worth is to see if you are needy or if you are overly seeking her approval. So, to put it simply: if you want to be attractive in a woman’s eyes, you have to take a more detached attitude and show her that you don’t really need her.

Best of all, your goal is to subtly reverse the roles and use the right psychological levers to make her seek your approval. And once she adopts this “asking” attitude towards you, it is because she is about to get addicted to you. Mission accomplished!

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