These 5 foods are important for muscle growth

In addition to suffering in the gym, it is also important to pay attention to your diet. Is your goal muscle growth? With these five foods, you ensure that you get the right substances.

Which foods help with muscle growth?

It is well known that you need to train and boost your diet to become muscular and healthy. Many different foods help with muscle growth. So put that bag of chips or that hamburger aside and reach for these foods (more often) in the future.


What happens to the body if you eat three eggs a day

Proteins are good to feed your muscles, and what is the perfect way to get protein? Yes, by eating eggs. Certainly, the combination of egg white with egg yolk, so a whole egg, ensures that you get enough important substances.


5 foods that are important for muscle growth
Nuts -©iStockphotos

If you think of tasty snacks for the movie or on the terrace, you will think of tasty sausage, chips, etc. Yet, it is mainly the nuts that can help you very well to nourish your muscles.

You will find a lot of fiber, protein, and iron in nuts. You can think of nuts as healthy fats, which help train your muscles and give your body

a healthy boost.


5 foods that are important for muscle growth

Many prefer to put a chicken bone or hamburger on their plate, but salmon is especially healthy for you. This is because it contains omega 3 and many proteins—the perfect way to feed your muscles and get the right nutrients.

Brown bread with peanut butter or jam

5 foods that are important for muscle growth
Brown bread with peanut butter and jam©iStockphotos

Brown bread contains, among other things, carbohydrates and fibre, in addition to proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

The combination of these ensures that you get a lot of energy and your muscles are well maintained. Choose toppings such as jam or peanut butter to get the right substances for muscle growth.


An oyster and mussels and shrimps, for example, shellfish, are a good (and usually tasty) way to get the necessary nutrients without consuming a lot of (superfluous) kilocalories.

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