These Images of Maradona during match raise the eyebrows

The social media has a blast on a video by football legend Diego Maradona. The images, which spread like wildfire, show fluffy during the Argentinian competition match between Rosario Central and Gimnasia La Plata. Maradona is currently the coach of the latter team, and that is an experience in the football-crazy South-American country. Local media are already coming up with an explanation of what’s going on in the footage.

During each match, TNT Sports places a camera next to Gimnasia’s couch and that ‘Diego Cam’ keeps an eye on Maradona for the entire game, each time for more than two hours. Images from that camera show how at a specific moment, a man walks towards the bank of Gimnasia to hand something over.

What Maradona actually got is not known. But what is clear is that his staff members would rather not have the ‘Diego Cam’ capture the scene with the necessary speculation as a result.

Wat krijgt Diego hier?

— Neal Petersen (@nealpetersen) February 18, 2020

Medication for hypertension?

But fair is fair. Fluff looks terrible, and he’s overweight, walking hard and barely comes out of his words. Although there may be a simple explanation for that, Maradona has always suffered from knee pain after his career, which he wasn’t operated on until 2019. At his previous club as a coach, the Mexican second division Dorados, he regularly stood with crutches along the line.

These Images of Maradona during match raise the eyebrows

Although Maradona himself did not respond to the images, Argentinian media such as sports newspaper Olé and newspaper Clarín report that it would be harmless medicine: the tension in the game against Rosario Central caused Diego to suffer from high blood pressure. The same drug would have been offered to him in September 2019 during a competition, but then Maradona declined the offer.

Past with drugs

On Twitter, they suspect it’s drugs, also because of Maradona’s past. In 1991 he ran into the lamp for the first time as a player of Napoli. He was caught using cocaine and suspended for 15 months, but that was not enough to get him into rehab. He also tested positive at the 1994 World Cup, but it was mainly after his career that Maradona got into trouble.

In 2004, Maradona was admitted to hospital in a critical condition after a heart attack. An overdose of cocaine caused the infarction. The former football player recovered, but he never seemed to get rid of his addiction.

That is how it came to a painful moment during the 2018 World Cup. During the match of Argentina against Nigeria, it soon became clear that Maradona was there. He danced in the gallery with Nigerian women, fell asleep, unpacked with obscene gestures and even had to be carried out of the stadium after the match.
These Images of Maradona during match raise the eyebrows

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