How divorce is celebrated in different countries

If you associate divorce with tears, tantrums, stress, division of property, and worries, we suggest looking at the situation differently. Sometimes this is not a reason for tears, and some women experience this event very worthily.

It is much easier for men to survive a breakup, and they treat it as if it were the next stage of their life. Many quickly find a replacement for their ex-wife and even have children with other ladies.

But divorce is more difficult for women. Not only do they have to learn to live again, but for some reason, those around them mould a very unpleasant label to the girls – a divorcee. And if she is also with children, then the phrase sounds even more offensive: “a divorcee with a trailer.”

But if a lady is well-controlled and financially independent, she has every chance to survive a divorce calmly. Some women want something to please themselves after this unpleasant event. Someone changes the image, buys new clothes, updates the wardrobe, or engages in extreme sports. And more and more divorced girls are throwing fun parties to celebrate the divorce!

It turns out that now there is even a kind of fashion for this unusual celebration. When a divorced girl from Latin America throws a party, she invites her girlfriends and even potential suitors to visit.

How divorce is celebrated in different countries

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In France, divorce is celebrated either in a restaurant or at a disco. As a rule, a DJ is present at the party, and guests are treated to sushi and champagne. A mandatory attribute of the “celebration” is a cake in honour of this event!


American women, after a divorce, necessarily throw a party to celebrate the newly acquired status of a strong and independent woman. Delicious food and champagne are not limited here: a unique entourage is created at the event with themed dishes, pictures, and all sorts of funny things like “magic” tea, which will certainly help you forget your ex-husband.

You can even meet a Voodoo doll at some parties, which the ex-wife and girlfriends will thoroughly perforate with needles. By the way, often the celebration ends with flushing the wedding ring down the toilet!


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But the Argentines, celebrating a divorce, are dancing a farewell tango. Romance, nothing else!


In honour of the divorce, the Germans bake a special huge cake, on which either the face of the former spouse, made of cream or his photo flaunts. A treat is eaten along with the guests. By the way, the party is not complete without alcohol – mostly Bavarian beer is drunk.


The endurance of the British can only be envied. They do not have parties but sign up for intensive rehabilitation courses with psychoanalysts to regain faith in their own strength and learn how to live after a divorce.


In Poland, a divorced woman burns photos of her ex-husband, and at the same time, gets rid of his gifts.

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