They raped and tortured me, I will never forgive them – little girl cries

The Report of a teenager claiming to have been kidnapped and raped in Morocco by a group of men provokes an important mobilization on social networks.

A petition has been launched to help Khadija. The hashtag #noussommestouskhadija, accompanied by a drawing of a naked woman, tattooed, the face barred of an “SOS”, became viral these last days after the publication of its report in Moroccan media.

On the video released on August 21, the 17-year-old girl claims to have been abducted by boys three months ago in front of her aunt’s home in Fqih ben Saleh, central Morocco.

“They kidnapped me for almost two months, raped and tortured (…) I will never forgive them, they destroyed me,” she said, showing tattoos and traces of cigarette burns on her body.

According to his father, Mohamed Okkarou, three of his attackers, whose identity was not disclosed, were arrested on Saturday.

He also claims that the first trial hearing will take place on 6 September. A total of 12 people was arrested in the case, Naima Ouahli, a member of the Moroccan Association of Human Rights told AFP

The petition meant to provide him with care and psychological help had collected Sunday evening more than 3,400 signatures. The subject is all the more sensible in the kingdom, because it echoes previous events which have moved public opinion.

At the end of 2015, a 16-year-old girl had set herself on fire after being gang-raped. Her attackers had blackmailed her by threatening to broadcast videos of her rape.

The defendants had been provisionally released prior to their trial, which caused a scandal

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