Thief tries to break into car of MMA colossus, he regrets his actions

This thief in Houston, Texas, may think twice before attempting to strike again. After all, yesterday he chose the vehicle of Derrick Lewis, a heavyweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship – the most important MMA competition in the world, so to speak. And he took matters into his own hands.

On Instagram, the 36-year-old American shared a photo of the crook at the moment he was arrested by the police, followed by images of his scratched car.

“Mofo picks right/wrong car to break into,” Lewis noted, among other things. After which, he also posted a photo of his fist via his stories on Instagram, accompanied by “satisfaction”.

Lewis’s fist after he was done with the thief
©Instagram – Lewis’s fist after he was done with the thief

The images below of Lewis in action prove that it would undoubtedly have done no good to the man in the red shirt…

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