Thieves hope to steal tons of weed, but stay behind with oregano

Four young thieves who had hoped to store enough weed for the rest of their lives are left with a serious hangover. Instead of using drugs, they ran out with oregano.

The four, according to KKTV 11 News, rammed the doors of the ‘Native Roots’ weed shop in Colorado Springs in America with a stolen van. It sells, among other things, weed for medical use, which is legal in a number of American states. But the drugs were better secured than the thieves had expected.

“You first have to go through two secure doors”, says a reporter from KKTV. “They drove them to the flags, and they caused a lot of damage.” But to get to the drugs, you have to go through another third secure door, and then also crack a safe.

With a stolen van, they drove the entrance to a weed shop.

They did not get that far, because a few witnesses saw everything happen and called the police. “In the room where the thieves were, there are a lot of bags and joints in the shop window”, continues someone from Native Roots. “But in the shop window we use oregano instead of drugs.” It was thus that the thieves ran out again. They could just escape before the police were on the spot but getting high is not available yet.

Source: KKTV 11 News

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