This car called 360C competes with the train and the plane

Volvo has developed a car that can compete with plane or train, at medium distances of up to 300 kilometres.

The self-driving car with the name 360c does not require any human interaction. If necessary, you can reach your destination in a comfortable bed asleep. The concept model is a fully automated vehicle that can bring its passengers from door to door. This way you avoid the trip to the station or the airport, as well as security checks and waiting times.

Since it is just a moving office – or a bedroom, or a home theatre, or what you want to use the room for – the distance between home and work according to Volvo is not that important anymore. Working or relaxing you just do well on the go: you will experience this car as a second home. In theory, the Volvo 360c could thus provide a less overwrought housing market.

Perhaps the car designers trot through the latter theory a bit, but it is certain that the 360c is a futuristic vision of traveling on your own, as a couple or with the family. Volvo also uses the concept vehicle to draw attention to the need to introduce a universal safety standard for communication between self-driving vehicles.

Because safety is traditionally important at Volvo. For example, the 360c aims to make it clear to other road users what their intentions are, including through combinations of external sounds, colours, images and movements.

Furthermore, passengers are additionally protected in the event of a crash in sleep mode. Volvo’s engineers came up with a special safety blanket in the sleeping area that works as a three-point belt.

Source:, Volvo

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