This time Tim has has gotten a new girlfriend

Tim Wauters (31), all known to us as ‘Timtation’, has found a new girlfriend.

He lost his heart to 23-year-old Rani Vanderheersen. The actions Tim has taken revealed that one can call her ‘how could it be otherwise’ already the love of his life.

After his previous love affairs, ‘Timtation’ is madly in love. He recently announced the news of his new romance on Facebook, where he immediately shared an intimate photo of him and Rani.

It was taken at Kamping Kitsch, where the two met for the first time. “But we had some contact,” Tim said to us.

“We agreed on Kamping Kitsch, and the spark was there immediately”.

He sees the future with Rani in a rosy way. “Did I find the true one this time? I hope so. Be sure to click super between us. So, we’ll see.”

Tim’s friends and acquaintances also wish him every happiness and that happens occasionally with a big wink. “Cherish the love you have,” someone writes, another also wrote: “When are there wedding plans?”.

After his participation in ‘Temptation Island’ Tim wanted to ask ‘his’ Deborah in marriage. He eventually fell madly in love with seductress Cherish and thought he had found the new woman of his life. But that relationship also turned out to be painfully different.

The future will undoubtedly tell whether Rani and Tim have been awarded and would they lived happily ever after.

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