This video led the closure of hamburger restaurant in Hawaii

A hamburger chain based in Hawaii closed its Honolulu store. After a viral video in which an employee showed how a rat is being roast on the grill. Teddy’s Bigger Burgers closed its local Mapunapuna and dismissed the two employees who appeared in the video broadcast on Snapchat.

“We are appalled that a former teenage employee behaves that way. And makes a video of which we are investigating its authenticity,” said Richard Stula, Chairman of Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. The company initiated a “complete clean-up” and is replacing equipment and utensils in the fast-food restaurant. After the video was shared several days ago, according to Stula’s statements.

“Then, we will send a corporate team to inspect and complete a thorough audit of the location before it can be reopened,” he added.

The state Department of Health plans to inspect the restaurant this Friday. “The company is also contacting a pest control operator to examine rodents at the restaurant,” said Peter Oshiro, manager of the state’s environmental health program. “We appreciate the corrective efforts made by the restaurant owner to protect public health,” Oshiro said in a statement.

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