Too bad for the Scots: Harry Potter ‘born’ not in Edinburgh

It turns out that sorcerer’s apprentice Harry Potter was not born in Edinburgh, Scotland, as was always thought, but in London. Writer J.K. Rowling surprised her fans by revealing that the world-famous character first appeared on paper in the British capital.

Until now, it was always assumed that Rowling (54) started writing the first Potter book at a table in a pub in Edinburgh. The Elephant House in the Scottish capital has long been proud to call itself the ‘birthplace of Harry Potter’.

But Rowling is now ending that story. She shared a photo of a flat in the Clapham area of south London with the caption: “This is the real birthplace of Harry Potter” via Twitter.

The writer did work on her books in the Scottish pub. “I’d been writing Potter for several years before I ever set foot in this cafe, so it’s not the birthplace, but I did write in there so we’ll let them off!” said Rowling.

The writer corrected a number of other things. Apparently, during one of the Potter tours of Edinburgh, the parking meter Rowling is said to have used while writing the last book. “But I can’t drive the car at all,” it sounds.

The ‘Harry Potter’ series has published seven books, the first of which, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’, was published in Great Britain in 1997. All books have been made into a movie.

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