Top 10 best African countries to live in 2018

Many people in Africa are looking to live in abroad because they believe life will be better off their, especially cities in Europe, America and some parts of Asia.

This relocation race was born out of the wish to live in a city that offers a good basic amenities like road network, electricity and other social amenities as well as opportunities for economic growth.

Ironically, these young aspirants are leaving behind many countries in Africa, emerging markets where the real opportunities they are looking for are in saturated cities without new opportunities for newcomers.

These beautiful African countries are an incredible place to live because they have security, they are emerging markets with many business and career prospects, and they have basic infrastructure as well as many attractions for recreation.

In addition, they have the warmth of African friendliness and hospitality.

Here are the 10 best countries to live in Africa:

  1. Rwanda

Reason: Safest and cleanest in Africa

  1. Botswana

Reason: Great economy, free education

  1. Namibia

Reason: Strong social development

  1. Mauritius

Reason: Great life expectancy

  1. Egypt

Reason: 3rd best economy in Africa

  1. Tunisia

Reason: The most developed country in North Africa

  1. Algeria

Reason: Lowest unemployed rate

  1. Morocco

Reason: Best life expectancy

  1. South Africa

Reason: 2nd largest economy in Africa

  1. Seychelles

Reason: Highest human development

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