Top 5 fun facts about the island of Ibiza you didn’t know

Ibiza is one of the trendiest Spanish resorts, a unique place where anything can happen. But there are many fun facts about Ibiza island people don’t know.

Millions of people annually come to the beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea for round-the-clock fun, sea, freedom, sun, and a relaxing family vacation with children, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

To explore all the delights of this island, you need to study it yourself and how to do it – rent a car in Ibiza, and we will describe a couple of points for you in our article.

Historically, this place is associated with a mass of civilizations. This is why genuinely unique traditions appeared here at one time. Many funny, interesting and breathtaking stories happened, which you must definitely get acquainted with to discover the real Ibiza and all its culture.

Fun facts about Ibiza

1. Name of the island

Name of the island

It is believed that “Ibiza” comes from the Phoenician and refers to the name of god, which is associated with fragrance, fertility, and brotherly friendship. The island “Isla de Bes” (“the island of Bes”) during the Roman Empire was called Ebusus, and, in fact, from this name today comes to the modern name of the island.

2. Pasta Sant Joan

Pasta Sant Joan

The cuisine of Ibiza is made up of tons of delicious dishes that can be enjoyed in any beach restaurant. The menu includes squid with sobrassada, lobsters, fish sandwiches, and Sant Joan pasta. What is the strangeness of the dish? The fact is that these are ordinary noodles that are boiled in water with the addition of milk, cinnamon, sugar, and lemon. The taste of pasta resembles the famous Spanish dessert “rice with milk.”

3. The color of Ibiza is white

The color of Ibiza is white

In Ibiza, they traditionally dress in all white because this color is the color of the island. Therefore, you can find another name for the island, “white island.” And the point is not only that almond trees bloom here, which adorn the fields of the island for a long time. Color refers to the purity of the sea, to the hippie culture – for the white is the color of freedom.

4. Pirate Wars

Pirate Wars

The wall of Dalt Vila, which is located in Ibiza Town – a coastal fortress – is perfectly preserved. It is pleasant to walk here along the narrow cozy streets that go up and down. Views of unreal beauty come off the fortress walls – the sea splashes, the sun shines, mountains are buried in the greenery of pines.

This historical landmark in 1999 received the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The walls of the fortress, numerous turrets visible on the tops of the rocks, were erected to fight the Berber pirates. The struggle was especially active during the reign of King Philip II of Aragon.

5. Property of Posidonia

Property of Posidonia

Its exceptional purity and transparency distinguish the sea of Ibiza, and its color is turquoise. What’s the matter? The point is in the unobtrusive Posidonia algae. Algae maintain the purity of the sea, and therefore the water in it is spotless, and you can see the bottom with clean white sand.

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