Toyin Lawani, in a naughty nun’s dress, upsets Christians

Controversial Nigerian fashion designer and serial entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani has found a way to provoke social media users again. This time, the mother of two wore a naughty nun outfit to a film presentation on Sunday 28 March, a day that coincided with Palm Sunday.

Toyin Lawani wore a naughty nun’s outfit to a film presentation on Sunday 28 March, which coincided with Palm Sunday. Firstly, fans of the controversial Nigerian fashion designer and entrepreneur were irritated at how revealing the dress was, but what made their blood boil was the fact that it was a sign of disrespect to their religion.

The film, Toyin Abraham’s Prophetess, had a theme for guests to dress as church workers. Toyin chose to dress as a nun. Her outfit, however, had high slits that went up to her private parts. Some Christians were offended and expressed their displeasure.

According to her fans, she can’t try this fashion statement using a hijab (Muslim veil editor’s note). “It is Toyin Lawani who is abusing the Catholic nun outfit. She can strive to be noticed or get likes on social media by disrespecting and mortifying the Christian faith. Surely Toyin will not wear the Muslim hijab in this way,” stressed by her fan with username Digital Slim Chik.

“Also that women should adorn themselves with respectable clothing, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or expensive clothes, but with what is appropriate for women who profess godliness with good works. 1 Timothy 2:9-10,” Adebayo Matthew recalled, drawing this verse from the Bible.

“It showed that Christianity is a free religion and that the people who practice it can tolerate a lot. If it was our brothers on the other side of the religion who saw her dressed like that, they would have called for her head. Let our clothing be a progeny even without religion,” Vincent Uzoma sounded.

“Did a preacher convince her to dress that way? If you want to criticize her, face her and leave the prophets. Her conduct will not turn a single soul away from Christ, and it is not enough to discredit her church. Even the occult uses the cross, to the fact that Jesus still loves her,” retorted Husseini John Paul.

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