UFO images in a fresco in a Georgian cathedral

The attention of ufologists has attracted a mural in the Orthodox Cathedral of Svetitskhoveli, or the Twelve Apostles, located in the Georgian city of Mtskheta. It depicts objects resembling flying saucers.

The UFOs are part of the artistic composition of the 11th-century painting depicting the crucifixion of Christ. Semicircular objects with incomprehensible extensions, one red and the other white, are located in the sky below the arms of Jesus.

Traditionally, these objects were thought to be guardian angels, but the Byzantine tradition usually depicted angels with wings, the Sun reported.

According to ufologists, these images may indicate not only that aliens were present during the execution of Christ, but also that Jesus himself is of extraterrestrial origin.

By the way, according to a recently found and previously unknown apocryphal account, Jesus could change his appearance:

“The Jews said to Judas, ‘How shall we arrest Him if He does not have the same appearance and changes? At times He is ruddy, at times He is white, at times He is red, at times He is the color of wheat, at times He is pale like an ascetic, at times He is young, at times He is old.”

However, there are other explanations for these mysterious images. It is explained that these objects are a rendering of the biblical phrase “The sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood, when the day of the Lord, the great and glorious day, will come,” and the red UFO represents the blood moon.

There are other UFO-like ones found in Christian-themed paintings. Below is a small collection of them.

UFO images in a fresco in a Georgian cathedral
UFO images in a fresco in a Georgian cathedral
UFO images in a fresco in a Georgian cathedral

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