7 strange things that happened at the anomalous Skinwalker Ranch

For 50 years, the Skinwalker Ranch has seen the strangest things, from unusual animals and invisible voices, to huge UFOs and people appearing out of nowhere.

The Skinwalker Ranch is located in the U.S. state of Utah and occupies 500 acres of land. Now it is abandoned and closed to the public.

For about 50 years, so many anomalies and strange things have been associated with this place that many researchers believe that this is the most paranormal place on Earth. Over the years, many books and TV shows have been published about the Skinwalker Ranch, and hundreds of stories have spread among the people, which is why it’s even difficult to say now what is real and what is fiction.

The first reports of UFOs and other oddities at the Skinwalker Ranch began to appear in the 1970s, when a new family bought the ranch, and the first publications in the press began in 1996, but strange things were seen there long before that.

1. Skinwalkers

In the 1980s and 1990s, the ranch was called “Sherman Ranch”, and it was popularly called “UFO Ranch”, but then it was increasingly called Skinwalker Ranch in honor of the “Skinwalkers” – Indian werewolves.

Skinwalkers are often described as a mixture of humans and animals with red glowing eyes and sharp teeth. The skinwalker can take any form and can be identified by the fact that he exudes evil energy from himself, is always furious and aggressive.

There have been at least five reports of Skinwalkers being seen at the Skinwalker Ranch, including several murky photos. All of them were mostly called fakes, but if you interview the locals, they really saw very strange creatures here: a wolf that was not taken by bullets, an animal that looked like a muscular hyena that attacked a horse, and something else that looked like a bear (bears have not been found in these places for a long time).

2. Portals

Many researchers have assumed that UFOs and monsters penetrate the lands of the Skinwalker Ranch through portals located here from other worlds. These statements seem crazy, especially those according to which this whole earth is a kind of center of supernatural energy.

However, if you analyze a lot of witness stories, you can find in them those in which various objects, animals, and even people disappeared. It is not clear where, including in front of others. Or, on the contrary, they appeared out of nowhere.

3. Multiple UFO sightings

Strange flying objects have been seen in the Skinwalker Ranch area since at least the 1950s. One of the most intriguing incidents occurred here in 1978, that night a huge saucer-shaped object flew through the entire area and was seen by a large number of people in different places.

One of the eyewitnesses described the object as silvery and surrounded by a greenish glow, and there was something domed on top of the saucer (like a rounded handle on the lid of a saucepan). Despite the huge size of the object, none of the locals heard any sound when it was moving. This particular detail is often found in the stories of UFO eyewitnesses and gives the story credibility.

4. Observations of the Sherman family

The ranch has had at least half a dozen owners over the entire period of its existence, but the most famous is the Sherman family. It was from their submission that the Skinwalker Ranch began to be told not just in local pubs but on the pages of leading newspapers.

The Shermans noticed the bad things almost as soon as they acquired this ranch. At first, they began to hear the voices of people, while no people were nearby. Then areas of flattened and pressed wheat (crop circles) began to appear in their wheat field. The Shermans described them with the words “As if a huge man was sitting in this place.”

Then the Shermans saw a “huge spaceship” in the sky, the size of two football fields. It was flying so low over their heads that you could see little flashing lights on its edges.

In an interview with reporters, Terry Sherman said that at first, he thought that all this was the work of some top-secret government organization testing advanced technologies on these lands. But the more this happened, the more he realized that there was something completely different.

The Shermans encountered poltergeists, strange shadowy figures, heard strange frightening sounds, and their animals were attacked by unidentified large predators. All this forced the Shermans to sell the ranch to Robert Bigelow soon after.

5. Bigelow Research

Robert Bigelow, being an enthusiastic researcher of anomalous phenomena, specially bought the Skinwalker Ranch to conduct his own extensive investigation on it. He immediately brought a whole bunch of high-tech equipment to the ranch, which was supposed to detect any paranormal activity.

For almost 10 years, he lived on the ranch, discovering a huge number of different oddities here, especially a lot of UFOs. He concluded that all the stories about UFO activity in the area are completely true.

In 2004, Bigelow suddenly shut down his program, the reasons for which were not specified. Some people think that he has learned too much about what people are not supposed to know, others are sure that he just ran out of money. In 2016, Bigelow sold the Skinwalker Ranch to a local real estate magnate, who completely closed it off from outsiders.

6. Voices and thrusts of Invisibles

Voices from nowhere are one of the most curious mysteries of the Skinwalker Ranch that a large number of people have encountered. These voices suddenly burst out of nowhere for a few moments and disappear again. Or they sound like a whisper in your ear, as if an invisible person is standing next to you.

Another strange phenomenon of a similar orientation is the touch of something invisible. People repeatedly felt that something was pushing them sharply, like an invisible hand or foot.

Sometimes these Invisibles were visible – translucent human silhouettes were observed, sometimes accompanied by small flying orb balls.

7. What is hiding underground?

Another strange thing at the Skinwalker Ranch is an inexplicable ban on excavation. We are not talking about the processing of the field but, for example, about trying to dig a well or a ditch here. As soon as you start doing this, the real devilry begins to happen – the tools disappear somewhere, and when they are, then in places where it is even difficult to put them on purpose.

One of the ranchers said that he got ready to dig a hole, brought a shovel, and barely turned away for a moment as it disappeared. And a few weeks later, he found it in a tree.

The most frightening incident involved one of the ranch workers who had to dig several holes to install a fence. But as soon as he started working, he came down with a strange illness, became very weak, and felt exhausted. At the hospital, doctors discovered a sudden and unusual tumor in his brain. How this story ended is unknown.

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